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TCF Bank Stadium is an open-air stadium located in the city of Champlin, Minnesota, USA, north of Minneapolis. It opened in 2009 and is home to the Minnesota United FC of the National Football League (NFL) and the Minnesota Vikings. The stadium serves as the home stadium for Minnesota State University's men's and women's football teams. In 1947, parts of the former municipality of Champler were incorporated to form the village of "Champlin," and in 1958 it consolidated with the town of St. Paul and formed the "town" of Chatham as a separate town and several other municipalities.

The median income of a household in the city is $85,831, and the median income for families is $98,990, according to the US Census Bureau.

The Mississippi River is about 1 to 8 miles wide in Champlin and the average elevation is about 2,000 feet above sea level, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This shows the height of the city and surrounding towns, as well as the distance from the Mississippi to its source. Where the data shows there is no average altitude, it is about 1,500 feet below sea level and is about 1.5 miles wide.

If you need a passport, you can visit the only passport acceptance on the card on this website. If this is not possible or you do not want to travel there, you should use your passport as an accelerator. Those in town who want to get a passport should consider using the passport office (s) in Champlin for document sealing, such as U.S. citizenship and immigration.

The use of this accelerated service is extremely convenient and in most cases you can get your lost passport back the same day or the next day. If you need to renew faster, you MUST go to the regional passport office and present a travel certificate. For DS11 applications, you still need to visit a local acceptance officer and have the document sealed, but you do not need to go to a regional passport office. The nearest ones are listed below, and there are some in Minnesota that are carefree, so make sure you get paid. You must make an appointment at one of the local passport offices, such as in St. Paul, Minneapolis or Duluth.

Sample local breweries such as St. Paul Brewing Company, Duluth Brewing Co., or the Twin Cities Brewpub.

The University is the flagship institution of the University of Minnesota system and is organized under the Office of Civil and Human Rights of the US Department of Education. In 2013, there were 51,147 students - 14, more than 2,000 faculty, staff and students. The Guthrie Theater, founded in 1963, bears the name of its original owner, Minnesota State University - Duluth.

Riverview Elementary School merged with Riverview Middle School, making it one of the largest elementary schools in the city of Duluth. Students will have direct access to all of the University of Minnesota's educational programs and services. The University College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences offer more than 1200 Bachelor's and Master's degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

In 2006, Jackson Middle School built an observatory to host public viewing evenings and teach astronomy. Champlin Elementary School welcomes students directly from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Minnesota and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, both of which were converted in 2011. It is home to the US Department of Education's Center for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (MINT).

The well-equipped kitchen is brand new, while the living room has a wood-burning gas fireplace and a magnificent view of the nearby lake. The loft also features its own private outdoor terrace, which sits high above the winding Mississippi River and offers spectacular river views. There is also an indoor / outdoor pool with pool table, fireplace and a large outdoor terrace with picnic tables and chairs, as well as an outdoor kitchen and dining area. But the loft also has its own private outdoor decks, both of which are high above the winding Mississippi River and offer spectacular river views!

The NorthStar Rail Line connects directly to the bustling Twin Cities and can be reached in minutes, guests within an hour.

If you want to stay here for your next holiday destination, please check if you have a relaxing stay (see below). If you feel like going out on the water, there is a pontoon rental for $200 per night or $1200 for a 6 night stay. Pontoon rentals are available from $200 per night to $1200, with some stays of up to 6 nights.

Champlin is not a travel agency, but you can try the passport service or travel to one of the regional offices. If you need it faster, check out the Champlin Expedite website for more information and a list of locations in the area.

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More About Champlin