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Autumn is a great time to go out and enjoy Oktoberfest in Champlin, Minnesota. One of my favourite festivals in October is visiting our local apple orchard, picking apples and pumpkins and shopping for fun Christmas crafts. My family also traditionally visits Dehn's Pumpkins on the corner of St. Croix Street and Stony Brook Rd. in Champlin.

Champlin is located on the Mississippi River, surrounded by the Minnesota State University System and the University of Minnesota - St. Paul campus. If you love baseball or basketball, you should be in town as Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota are about an hour away. However, if you are a football fan and can attend a Minnesota Vikings or Minnesota Twins game or even an NCAA basketball game in Champlin, Minneapolis is a better choice.

There is a little less effort and there are also many food stalls, but many others are an additional effort for additional activities. Several items are included in the admission fee, and many similar things you see in Minneapolis, such as the Minnesota State University - St. Paul Fall Festival, have their own entrance fees. Some of these activities include food, beer, wine, food trucks, games and other activities, so there is little to no cost.

The wristbands for Saturday and Sunday include entry to the festival and access to all other activities. Options include a Saturday bracelet for $5, a Sunday one-day bracelet for the same price, or a Friday and Saturday ticket for an additional $10.

If you want to make a day out of it, visit one of the sweet shops such as Cafe Donuts, which is next door and offers handmade ice cream, or if you are looking for extra activities, venture to the local farmers market. If you spend some time visiting other shops in the area, you can get some handicrafts and of course a good coffee and desserts.

At MiniSota Play Cafe you have the absolute freedom to decide whether you want to play with your children or just watch them. They offer a trick - or - a tidbit story where children can perform tricks and stories, as well as a non-creepy ride where they can ride Planet Snoopy (see below). They offer Cocks the Doodle, where you get a lot of cool animals that kids can see and imagine in all sorts of new roles. If you feel like getting into the water, there is a water park right next to the café, complete with pool and hot tub.

Other entertaining activities in the area include shopping at the local farmers market, a petting zoo and a variety of food trucks. Anoka County Farms offers painting competitions, petting babies, farm-to-farm food trucks and other activities.

Provided by St. Paul Public Schools and Anoka County School Board of Education. Students will receive free tuition for the first two years of their education.

In addition, Minneapolis-Saint Paul has numerous high-level colleges, including the University of Minnesota-St. Paul, Minnesota State University-Duluth and the Minnesota Institute of Technology. If you are looking for tutoring in Champlin, MN is a great option for those trying to move on to the next level of education. The school district has about 3,000 students, who average 18.5 years old and attend about 1,500.

Take a tractor tour as the farm winds through forests filled with pretty pumpkins and people. The tree-lined paths offer scenic views of the Champlin River and Minnesota State Capitol in the distance.

The Robert Piram Regional Trail runs through Harriet Island Regional Park and the road leads from Brooklyn Park south to Brooklyn Center. The Shingle Creek Regional Trail branches off from the Rush Creek Regional Trail on the Noble Parkway and leads north to the Champlin River. The Twin Lakes Regional Trails are a great way to commute between Brooklyn and Robbinsdale, offering scenic views of the Hudson River, the Minnesota State Capitol and a variety of wildlife.

As any fan of public radio can tell you, the trail's namesake is a song made famous by the late, great singer-songwriter and radio host Bob Dylan. Nine Mile Creek is not a lake as its name suggests, but a creek in the middle of the Twin Lakes Regional Trail.

In 1947, part of the former municipality of Champlin was incorporated to form the village of Champler, and in 1953 it was merged with the town of St. Paul and the town of Riverview to form the "village" of Champlin. In 2010, Champlin Elementary School received students directly from the old River View Elementary, which had been rebuilt in 2011. In 2011, RiverView Elementary School merged with Champlain Elementary to make it the largest elementary school in Minnesota.

In 2006, Jackson Middle School built an observatory to host public viewing evenings and teach astronomy. Created by Rogers' mother Amanda Wroolie, it's a fun place for young children to pretend they can solve problems while exploring a miniature world made just for them.

More About Champlin

More About Champlin